Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are you a smug, condescending, santimonious person?

I would deem your spelling as atrocious, too. It's sanctimonious. I guess that makes me, smug, condescending and sanctimonious too.

What about hard drives? Conventional or solid state?

Do you sacrafice gigs for ultimate reliability? The reason I ask is I'm building a laptop and one of the choices is a 400 gb (2 200 gb) @7200 rpm or 128 gb ( 2 64 bg) solid state hard drives. I think most would probably pick the 400 gb off the bat. But solid state hard drives are always reliable, pretty much. I work in a "high noise" area thats why I lean toward the solid state. Noise and vibration can cause problems with conventional hard drives because of harmonics. ( I think) Come on yahoo, help me make up my mind!

Is my soul silver pokemon team good?

Yeah your team is good. My only advice is to lose the pichu, unless you already have a thunderstone handy. Pickachu is really weak in this game compared to the other electric pokemon available, and I already have 14 gym badges and I still haven't seen a thunderstone any where.

My Father died without making a will. Is his partner entitled to everything?

Everything should go to immediate family, his partner would (as said) would get the joint owned things as long as there is proof.

The bigger the feet, the most ticklish they are?

Have you thought of taking up swimming ? The bigger the feet the faster you swim. Ian Thorpe Australian gold medal swimmer has size 14 feet . As for being ticklish your girlfriend could be correct , I have size 11 feet and they are really ticklish.

Is the Twilight saga:Eclipse a good movie for those who have seen it?

It seems as if the actors stopped caring how bad the acting is. If you like to follow the storyline and see the books on screen, you probably will like it, but the acting is worse than the first two. I saw it, and i love the books, so they followed the storyline pretty well. But if you do mind bad acting, then you will HATE the movie.

I got behind on all my credit card bills and haven't paid them over a year. what do i do to pay them off?

i have 2 visa cards, sears, abc warehouse, meijer, and a $7,500 car loan i have'nt paid over a year or so, i lost my job for a year. i now have a dependable job working at 7up, i am a merchandiser. i do not own a home. i want to pay them off, but i don't know the first thing to do. i'm $14,500 in dept, and i need help bad. please some one have a way out for me. i would appreciate it alot. thank you. i have 2 kids and a wife, and i want to some day buy a house or just be dept free. i do not know were to start. i'm only 25 years old and this is my first time this has ever happend. no one that i know has ever been through this type of sitsuation.